Sponsors & Partners

The Garrison Institute is profoundly grateful for the vision and generosity of our sponsors who have made the Metamorphosis Forum possible.

The list of sponsors

Compassionate Leadership

Lostand Foundation


The William H. Donner Foundation

Contemplative Science

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Bank of America

Bennett Shapiro and Fredericka Foster

Betsy and Jesse Fink Charitable Fund

David and Susan Rockefeller

Elihu and Susan Rose

Frederick B. (Bart) Harvey III

Joseph B. Rose

Melissa Schiff Soros

Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu

Peter Calthorpe and Jean Driscoll

Sebastian Zugman

Scully Peretsman Foundation

Sharon Davis

Emerging Voice

Abigail Disney

Carole Corcoran and Nancy Jeffries

Fortunate Blessings Foundation

Frederic Mayerson

Gratitude Railroad

Jewel Heart

Larry and Vicky Lunt

Liz Blake

The list of Partners

The Capital Institute

Center for Compassionate Leadership

Center for Systems Awareness

Mindsight Institute

Mobius Executive Leadership

The Planetary Health Alliance

Reinventing the Commons


Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

“We need a new ‘ethics of belonging,’ encouraging awareness, intention, and relational well-being, so that our actions will contribute toward planetary flourishing. This ethos orients us toward an ever-expansive unfolding of a path of meaning and participation rooted in honoring Life.”

— Yuria Celidwen

“Amid all the doom-laden exhortations to change our ways, let us remember that we are striving to create a more beautiful world, and not sustain, with growing sacrifice, the current one. We are not just seeking to survive. We are not just facing doom; we are facing a glorious possibility.”

— Charles Eisenstein

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